Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I think we all deserve a laugh!

Dawn is having a wee challenge on her blog - with a difference! "All you have to do is take a photo of your crafting space/room and if you're in the photo even better (and if you have any furry crafting buddies I would love to see them too~!!!" I couldn't be in it as I was taking the photo, so Poppy kindly took my place! As you can see, I have the worst craft space ever (yes, this is my spare room floor!) and should win on pity alone!! We were hoping to move this year but the flippin' 'credit crunch' put paid to that and our house wouldn't sell so we're stuck! I say 'we' as Jamie is always asking me to put it away but I can't possibly!! Bless him!

Also, do you have snow where you are? I have never seen snow like this in October, especially in the south! Here's the views from my house, it's so pretty!

One more thing, I've just finished a cross stitch I started a couple of months ago and I thought I'd show you! I got it off Ebay and I think it applies to lots of us!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my waffle!


Becky said...

He He!! Loving your crafting space Beth, I like to craft on the floor but my legs soon fall asleep lol!!
We had snow yesterday too, first we had rain though so it didn't stick! Your cross stitch is brill too! Congratulations on finishing it!!
Love Becky xx

Dawn said...

Hey Beth!

well you have a lot of stash and who doesn't, it must be Poppy's paradise - they're so inquisitive!
She is adorable.
Hope you do get your house sold in the future.
Thanks for joining in!
Gorgeous snowy pictures too, we had a wee bit yesterday but all gone now!


Poppy said...

love your craft room ,no snow up herein lincolnshire. lovely cross stitch.

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Oh no Beth.. if I was to enter you wouldn't win! lol your craft space is far to grand for me.. I don't have any craft space - boo hoo :-( I sit and colour on my sofa and my storage is.. well everywhere.. paper storage in my bedroom.. small ikea unit in my dining room, books of papers in spare draws in my living room.. stamps everywhere! I am green with envy seeing your spare room floor! he he So sorry to hear about your move and we was also hoping to have a loft conversion some time but it's now on hold and some of the deposit we did have has gone on bills.. sob sob. Love your cross stitching and that's another thing hubbie has just been moaning about on the phone.. too many shoes in the! Hugs, Nikki x

Kath said...

oh dear Beth this looks like organised chaos to me but love the cute kitty....and hey I think you had more snow than me

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Beth,
I like Nikki dont have as much space as you and my stash has taken over the unit in my dining room where i have to craft at my table as the little desk i do have is also full of my stash with drawers on the top as well as underneath:(
Your cross stitch is fab love it and SNOW brrrrrrr was freezing here this morning but none of that white stuff it is beautiful on pics and cards though :)
Your cat poppy is adorable too.
Val xxx

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Beth, well done on completing your cross stitch - it looks beautiful. Wow look at all that snow (I don't mind it when I haven't got to drive in it). Poor thing having to craft on the floor. My space is small but at least I have a table and a few small units. Give poppy a cuddle for me. Lots of love, Denise x

Anesha said...

Great photos, really like your cross stitch. Like your furry helper!!

ink'n'rubba said...

your space looks like mine! love the snowy pictures too - they'd make fabby christmas cards! and that's a gorgeous x-stich you have done, I really should finish some of my projects .. .. well one day! hugs, annie x

Stacey said...

We didnt have any snow in Southampton at all and we're only 40 mins down the road! Huff! Well done on your cross stitch - I've done a few in the past and have kept it a big secret too. It's just not very cool is it?! ;o)